Georgia and South Carolina was a much needed travel. Although what initially motivated me to go so promptly wasn’t the best of news.
However the healing of a love one is to be celebrated, to that I shout Hallelujah. Won’t mention any names but family knows.

Aside from that I got to visit a lodge and meet this bright brother right here. He is forward thinking and I sensed his passion for teaching which I appreciate and the few jewels he dropped on me as well.

He informed me that I made history by being the FIRST person of color to be in their lodge. He even made sure that I wouldn’t be caught off guard by the homage paid to the confederate flags and civil war paraphernalia .

Hey, I always knew I’d make history one day just didn’t think it be for that 😁

Brother Dustin God bless you and may you find all the light you are striving for.

Now, not only did I make history, I got to hit the studio with the fam and make classics!!
#BR “2090’S Hip Hop” coming in 2018

-Brother Anthony Dion King


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