Frank Mangiero, Worshipful Master, Annawon Lodge #115 A.F. & A.M.


At our meeting on the Monday February 27th at 7:30pm H. Owen Chace will give his presentation on Mozart. Mozart was admitted as an Apprentice in 1784 and received the FC and MM Degrees in 1785. Mozart’s music had Masonic overtones after he joined Freemasonry inculcating feelings of humanity and wisdom, patience and virtue, honesty and loyalty to friends, and finally an understanding of freedom. As a result Mozart was welcomed into many lodges. Please attend to learn more about Mozart. The meeting and presentation is at 7:30pm with dinner at 6:30pm. Business attire. Look for the menu and cost in future emails and Facebook Event page.

Monday March 13 we will be portraying the Fellow Craft Degree with refreshments afterward. Attire is tux for Officers. Business attire for Brothers.

Monday March 27 is our Awards Night. This is a public evening. Invite friends and family. We will be giving out some 50 years of service pins. I heard the Grand Master will be in attendance. Tux for Officers, jacket and tie for members. Casual for all of our guests. Dinner will be at 6:30pm. Ceremony starts at 7:30pm. Look for the menu and cost in future emails and Facebook Event page.

In Charlie Yohe’s most recent year as Grand Master, he reinstated the position of Almoner in the Grand Lodge and suggested that all lodges follow suit. Bob Gundersen is the Sick and Visiting Chairman, so it is only common sense he should be appointed Lodge Almoner. The definition of Almoner is as follows: “From time immemorial, the Almoner has been of inestimable value to the Master and members of his Lodge. He is the eyes, ears, and hands of the Master. He has the important responsibility of always being well informed of the health and welfare of each of the members who comprise his Lodge’s family, so that when adversity arises, the Lodge can fulfill its responsibility to help, aid, and assist, if necessary. Just as the Chaplain is responsible for attending to the spiritual needs of the Brethren, the Almoner is responsible for coordinating the Lodge’s efforts to provide assistance in time of adversity and need. It is his duty to keep the Master and the Lodge informed and to lead the way in coordinating the rendering of assistance to any member in need.” Please contact WB Bob or myself if you are in need or know a Brother that needs assistance.

Frank Mangiero, Worshipful Master